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How can "smart" algorithms be sexist?

Much of the data absorbed by algorithms is derived from interactions between individuals, and those interactions are, empirically and verifiably, influenced by biases.
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Not Playing Around: Sexual Assault in Multiplayer Online Games

On August 10, 2014, a Reddit user with the handle “mrerikmattila” posted a comment describing how his avatar was raped by another user while playing Grand Theft Auto V (GTA).
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Authenticity And The Modern Working Woman

Lean In was celebrated by many as the “silver-bullet” to the pressing issue of inequality in the workplace. At the same time, the book was also heavily criticized by scholars for its simplification of gender issues and inability to generate meaningful change. Until now, those on both sides of the Lean In argument have simply agreed to disagree.
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Best futurists ever: How Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto foresaw genetic engineering, bro culture, precision marketing and sex tech

There are few modern thinkers more prolific in their foresight of things to come than Donna Haraway, a Distinguished Professor Emerita at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Her seminal work, A Cyborg Manifesto, outlined explicit predictions for the ways in which the increasing presence of technology would make significant changes in our everyday lives as well as in economics, science, education, government, and more.
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Blockchain and Ethical Supply Chains

In today’s global economy, goods sometimes travel a worldwide circuit with multiple stops before reaching their final destination. In this worldwide production process, it is difficult to be sure of the sustainability of any single consumer product. History provides evidence that supply strategy evolves to align with technological innovations and market demands.
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Sex Tech Study Guide: A Cyborg Manifesto

One of the most relevant texts for the sex tech industry is Donna Haraway’s 1985 essay, “A Cyborg Manifesto.”
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Money, Sex and Power: Can Sex Tech Save Silicon Valley?

From the Ringer to the New Yorker, almost every major news outlet has reported on the ongoing abuses of power and inequality that permeate the tech industry. For many, the solution seems simple: bring more women into senior technology and leadership positions and these abuses will cease, or at least decrease significantly.
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Feminist Sharing Platform “Lips”: Empowering Women’s Expression

Why it is so important to encourage open and honest expressions of the female experience. Founder of Lips Annie Brown, an online platform that reinvents what magazines for young women should be, shares with us what brought her to create this safe space for female expression. From her degree in Women’s Studies to her work for PlannedParenthood and Grameen Bank, her experience has consolidated her belief in a need for women to be able to can confide safely on their experiences.
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Gay Pride Nationwide: The Continuing Story of America’s Sexiest Celebration

This year I experienced Gay Pride in San Francisco. The city throws one of the largest and most well-known celebrations among the hundreds of cities who host the nationwide phenomenon of Pride. This year's theme in San Francisco was "40 and Fabulous", celebrating forty years since the first Gay Pride Parades, held in cities across the nation in June 1970.
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How Crowdfunding Leads to Strong Investment Deals

When it comes to starting and funding a social enterprise, crowdfunding has become a game changer. It has propelled the innovative business model to new heights, and in turn allowed for thousands of ideas that wouldn’t have otherwise had the opportunity, to become reality. Crowdfunding began as a way for people to finance businesses and projects they believed in.
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Women, Sexuality And The Black Panther Party

One of the most prominent female figures in the Black Panther Party was Angela Davis, a human rights activist, professor and cultural icon. Davis is a controversial figure, but she also is an example of a black lesbian leader that deserves to be recognized for her contributions to the African American and LGBT community.
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Bankers without Borders: An Interview with Shannon Maynard

Shannon Maynard is the Chief Talent and Knowledge Officer at Grameen Foundation, and the Founding Director of Bankers without Borders. In this interview with Microfinance Focus, Maynard discusses Bankers without Borders’ effective volunteer placement strategy that has made the organization a go-to for employees and social responsibility departments of leading financial institutions.
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Annie Brown

Annie is a freelance technology & business writer, as well as the Founder of Lips - a cryptographic sharing platform for women and the LGBTQ community.

She has presented at several conferences including SSSS (The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality).

A graduate of The College of William and Mary with BA in Women’s Studies and History, Annie’s research focused on women and sexual minorities in global capitalism.

She also studied Gender and Development at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences in Mumbai India, where she worked with Humsafar, a USAID sponsored sexual health organization for the Hijra community.

Her senior thesis, titled The Best You Can Be: Conflicting Messages of Liberation and Oppression in Indian Cosmopolitan Magazine, won highest honors.